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As part of our continuing series, "On the Road," Steve Hartman meets an 81-year-old woman from Kansas who brings her sweet, soft touch to the razor wire world of Lansing Correctional. (CBS)   5 Likes l 1 Comments

The Obama administration did not dispute the low enrollment numbers for Obamacare revealed in "war room" notes, saying they did not expect numbers to be high (CBS)   23 Likes l 0 Comments

Scott Pelley talks with CBS News consultant and former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley about the challenges involved in keeping the president informed, as well as the influence of contractors on government projects (CBS News)   20197 Likes l 13 Comments

Firefighters continue to gain ground on the Beaver Creek fire near Sun Valley, Idaho. It's one of 47 large wildfires currently burning (CBS)   73 Likes l 0 Comments

An Australian baseball player studying at East Central University was allegedly shot dead as he went for a jog (CBS News)   33 Likes l 2 Comments

White House could use the threat of canceling aid to force Egypt's military to release Muslim Brotherhood prisoners (CBS)   6 Likes l 1 Comments

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